Pressemitteilung des REHAP Projekts


Pressemitteilung des REHAP Projekts

Aktuelle Pressemitteilung des REHAP Projekts:

The Rehap project uncovers agroforestry residue potential in Europe as the EIB pledges a €1bn investment in the bio-economy

The European Investment Bank recently announced the launch of a new financing initiative to pump investment close to 1bn into the agriculture and bioeconomy sector. Following the announcement of this investment, the ambitious Rehap project has recently published a ground-breaking report that accurately calculates the vast potential of available waste from agricultural and forestry in Europe that can be used specifically for the bioeconomy.

The recent Rehap paper, “Assessment of agroforestry residue potentials for the bioeconomy in the European Union” published in the Journal of Cleaner Production reviews in detail the potential of agroforestry residues. This new data highlights the high stability and reliability of these residues in the EU and justifies the strength of these results for a sustainable European bio-economy. Discovering this ample supply of agroforestry waste offers an even greater opportunity to those looking to invest in the sector to drastically change Europe’s rural economy, and the planet for the better.

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