Ending the waste of resources with secondary raw materials - Scientific attachment in the "Augsburger Allgemeinen", 06 - 2016 (newspaper)


Ending the waste of resources with secondary raw materials - Scientific attachment in the "Augsburger Allgemeinen", 06 - 2016 (newspaper)

ForCycle or: Strategy consultant and provider of the raw material shift in Bavaria

The shortage and the price increase as well as the occur of many essential resources in a low sum of places and in political unstable regions constitutes an immense risk for global and local companies. The challenge is to encounter this situation in a sustainable way. Rethinking the actual use of resources required in ecological and economical ways. Measures for conserving resources and higher efficiency for the further processing and the recycling play important roles. "If we manage strengthen circular economy by increasing the reuse of secondary raw materials, it would be a very important step in the direction of the desperate necessary raw material shift", points out Prof. Dr. Armin Reller. The chemical scientist is chairholder at the chair of resource strategy at the university of Augsburg and spokesman of the research association ForCycle, which is promoted with three million Euro by the bavarian state ministry for environment and consumer protection. Scientists of numerous bavarian universities and colleges are working partly in cooperation with Fraunhofer-Institutes and companies on innovative and material-specific processes of recycling. For example on carbon fiber structures and the development of products for the construction industry, based on secondary resources. This research is connected to a material-specific resource strategy, which has been evolved at the chair of Prof. Reller during the last three years: The added value of materials should be traced and analysed on the whole ways of use and impact. Based on these researches it should be considered if the material has a economical and ecological future, of if it should be substituted with another material.


Comprehending the lifecycles of resources under all relevant aspects for being able to grow consequences for the further dealing with them: This advisement is the background of the approach of the chair of resource strategy.                                              Illustration: Dr. Volker Zepf

"In the ForCycle-compound we use this concept for definite processes for recovery and repatriation of individual and partly critical materials, for example for rare metals and biogenic materials", explains Dr. Julia Fendt, an employee of Prof. Reller. In addition she elucidates: "Our demand is to design the production and repatriation of materials into the cycle of materials in a substantial-functional way and to evaluate it economically. That is how we want to establish concepts for the use of secondary raw materials and to reduce the amount of primary raw materials."

Source: Augsburger Allgemeine, scientific supplement, issue 06 / winter 2016 (newspaper)

Spokesman of the project: Prof. Dr. Armin Reller

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