Guidelines for municipal waste avoidance concepts - Resource Lab


Guidelines for municipal waste avoidance concepts - Resource Lab

The Resource Lab of the University of Augsburg is a interdisciplinary research group of the chairs for Production & Supply Chain Management, resource strategy and the focus of work sustainability management and Corporate Social Responsibility. The aim is to increase the networking of economical and scientific areas and competences inside and outside of the university in research centers, ministries, industry and charities. Important subject areas are among others the design and realization of sustainable adit value chains, circular economy systems and sustainable energy systems, as well as the analysis of resource- and material efficiency. Detailed information about the work of the Resource Lab can be found on the homepage:

Now the Resource Lab published the "Guidelines for municipal waste avoidance concepts". It relies on empirical inquiries of all bavarian communes as well as on actual scientific perceptions on the area of waste management. The guideline enables for the first time a measurability of waste avoidance and the thereby associated impacts to the human health and the environment. Concrete Measures are for example: the paper-saving office, the sensitising of architects and building engineers for waste avoidance, neglected grassland on green areas, tablets for aldermen and local councillors or the "Repair Café".

The complete guideline can be downloaded here.

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